BTC Wallet Watch

Have you ever wanted to monitor Bitcoin addresses for balance change?
Even if addresses are not yours?

Now you have the tool that will give you Bitcoin address monitoring options with updates that can range from daily updates all the way up to every minute updates. On every balance change you will receive an email with new balance and address details. This way you can monitor dozens of addresses easily.

Some of possible applications for BTC Wallet Watch:


monitor personal Bitcoin addresses


monitor Bitcoin addresses in company ownership


monitor various exchanges (Traders)


monitor addresses under investigation (Law Firms)


monitor ICO addresses (Investors)


monitor various Bitcoin addresses (Private Investigators, Law Enforcement)

As you can see there are many applications and only your imagination or innovative business model is the limit.

There is an option to use Bitcoin Wallet Watch as a platform for additional services, like Cryptocurrency insurance.

Project status:

Prototype: 100% completed (test environment) 

Beta version: 70% completed (not published to public yet)