BTC Escrow

BTC Escrow Services

BTC Escrow Services technology allow safe exchange of Bitcoins between two parties. It is agnostic to type of exchange: is it exchange Bitcoin for Money, Properties or any other assets. In other words any business that is in need for safe exchange of Bitcoins can use BTC Escrow Services.


Buyer wants to buy Penthouse and is paying with Bitcoin. Property agent sets up BTC Escrow Service and invites Buyer to deposit Bitcoins. Buyer is safe because his/her lawyer controls release of Bitcoin from the Escrow based on purchase contract. Once Bitcoin is deposited, property agent can freely initiate Penthouse ownership transfer to Buyer. Once ownership is transferred, buyer’s lawyer is giving consent to release Bitcoins from Escrow. Transaction is done!

This can be used in various scenarios, with our without lawyers. It can be automated and it can be used for small transfers as well.

We provide just technology, so every user should be able to explore laws in country they operate to be sure they are aligned with all KYC and AML policies.

Project status:

15% completed.