Prevent, Protect and Secure

When dealing with cryptocurrency assets or projects it is very important to be aware of the risks that can undermine your success. Whether is it cybersecurity threat, failure to meet compliance criteria or technically unfit platform, your efforts can be in danger. We can help you to avoid uncanny and potentially fatal situations.

Find BTC transaction you need

If you just want to check balance on any Bitcoin address, or you are into deeper research and tracking Bitcoin transactions you can use our BTC Sniffer tool and find out where Bitcoins are being transferred.
Whether you monitor exchange address or you want to see is your business partner telling you the truth about Bitcoin assets, you are welcome to try BTC Sniffer and use it for free.

Wallet Watch keeps an eye on your balance

Have you ever wandered how cool it would be if you can have daily, hourly or even 5 minute report on balance for Bitcoin addresses you own? Now you have this option. And you can even monitor other people’s or companies Bitcoin addresses completely legally!

Bitcoin API can provide loads of valuable data

We have built fully functional Bitcoin API on top of our Bitcoin node that is hosted on our servers. You might think API is just developer talk but you should probably want to know that Bitcoin API is a solid fundament to build various services and bring our products to a next level.

MT5 API that is language agnostic

Freshly built and tested, our MT5 API offers 3 modes of work, first through MT5 Manager, second through terminal and third is combined. API is language agnostic and you can use it from NodeJS, PHP, C++, #C, VisualBasic, Python an any other language that fits your trading environment.

BTC Sniffer

Easy to use Bitcoin research and forensic tool. Find balance of any Bitcoin address with one click. Scan incoming and outgoing transactions, find where BTC is exchanged. It has extensive list of exchange addresses and once your transaction hits it you will know it is an exchange.

BTC Wallet Watch

Monitor your Bitcoin addresses. Or any addresses. Get balance report every day, hour, 5 minutes. Find out when exchanges are selling or buying large amounts of BTC. Protect your assets with balance change notifications. Find when someone spends or receives Bitcoin.

Bitcoin API

Whole Bitcoin blockchain node available through our API. Find any transaction in any block from very first Bitcoin transaction till the last one. Get difficulty, number of blocks, hashes, complexity. You need it? We have it. We’re building
other services on top of it.


International Cryptocurrency and ICO Fraud Database (Fraud DB) is a non government project that helps victims of cryptocurrency fraud to report crime and file claims. It has international character and collects claims from all countries with no exception.

At Diligio we are very dedicated to technology. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transaction monitoring and forensics are just some of the cool things we do. We all have strong belief that most of the benefits humanity has in today’s civilization are results of a constant and never ending tech development. In just 120 years people have learn how to fly, went into the space, created first computer, created first mobile phone, broke the atom, found a cure for hundreds of diseases. Today our mobile phones are mobile offices, cameras, teleconference devices, libraries and we can’t think of live without it. It happened in last 30 years. Blockchain technology has already revolutionized financial industry, law, technology and it broke several barriers in just 10 years of existence. Future is amazing and we want to be part of it. With hard work, dedication and riding on the cutting edge of technological advance we are in position go give our contribution to better world. We are happy and proud about it, and we would like to share it with you!

Meet Our Team

Miroslav Vegh

Founder and CEO

Brian Marcel

Head Advisor

Ben Marsh


Hugo Inniss


Zoran Mitrović

Lead MERN Developer

Ante Sabljić

Project Manager

Bojan Rogulja

Lead .NET Developer

Marko Trnkić

Network & System Admin

Our team is working very hard to stay in the loop with the latest developments in our branch. We are filtering tens of thousands of various information on a daily basis in order to filter out most essence from it. This is excellent basis to increase our knowledge and we can implement significant part of it in our products and services. Year 2020 is very significant for Diligio. Both for growth in technology and growth as a business. We are looking forward to the future and challenges it will bring.

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