Bitcoin API

Diligio Bitcoin API

We have build our own Bitcoin API that runs on a node on one of our servers. This way we have real time synchronized data with Bitcoin network and we can perform various tasks. Our API is language agnostic and it can be used from different environments. Bitcoin API makes strong foundation for building next generation of our services: We can have unrestricted access to whole Bitcoin blockchain and we are not capped by any limits other than our own hardware infrastructure. Good thing is we can scale up our hardware infrastructure as our needs grow.

Our Bitcoin API is running full Bitcoin node. Also, it is fully synchronized with Bitcoin network.

Functions that are supported and available through Diligio Bitcoin API are listed below.

Functions without parameters

– getblockcount
– getbestblockhash
– getconnectioncount
– getdifficulty
– getblockchaininfo
– getmininginfo
– getpeerinfo
– getrawmempool

Functions with parameters

– getblockhash index
– getblock hash
– getrawtransaction id
– decoderawtransaction hex

If you would like access to the API please email to

Project status:

100% completed and available to public.

Next steps – plans for future:

To extend Bitcoin API and put all data in fully synchronized database together with every address balance and other key features we need.