About Diligio

Diligio is Crypto FinTech startup.

Apart from our main SAS model services (BTC Sniffer, BTC Wallet Watch, Bitcoin API related services) we provide technology, know how and consultancy to companies and individuals in Crypto and FinTech space. Our mission can be described by 3 main and most important goals we are striving to achieve:

1. to provide simple to use yet efficient tools for dealing with different aspects of cryptocurrencies
2. to support existing legal and technical infrastructure and integrating it in overall crypto structure
3. to monitor, protect and prevent fraud, crime and any illicit activities across different jurisdictions

It might sound complicated but once you start using our tools you will be convinced it is not the case.
Company tech team has very long IT experience (+60 years combined) in IT and FinTech with proven track record of delivery. Diligio has already designed, created and delivered several very interesting products in area of FinTech and Cryptocurrency space.

Our aim is to upscale our infrastructure and number of staff so we can provide even better products on a global market.

Goals for 2020 and 2021

Our main focus for most of 2020 and 2021 will be on rolling out our Wallet Watch and Bitcoin API services globally. There might be an option to add retail Bitcoin insurance through our platform and we have already started negotiations with one of the major insurers.

For more information about latest news related to our business or tech achievements please check our News and Blog sections.